Quí è presente gazenergie

IEA Bioenergy - Strategies for emission control on biogas upgrading plants

Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2023, im Restaurant Gnadenthal, Niederwil AG

The upgrading process of biogas to Biomethane results in a gas stream containing (bio-) methane and a second gas stream containing the CO2 and an unwanted part of the biomethane, called methane slip. This CO2 rich gas stream either directly emitted to the atmosphere or its content of methane is oxidised before the release into the atmosphere, according to the applicable regulations National regulations on the handling of the methane slip differ substantially in EU countries, France has recently changed the thresholds, in Switzerland new regulations are discussed. The presentations address the options for the reduction of the emissions and put the options for emission reduction into a context with GHG balances and national situation in Switzerland and France.

Programm und Anmeldung: IEA Bioenergy Workshop